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Gingle bell gingle bell gingle all the way!

I can not wait for Christmas! I know your reading and thinking what about Halloween and Thanksgiving. Those are also my other 2 favorite holidays but here in Germany the celebration is different. They do not have Halloween here. Don’t get me wrong the American tradition of Halloween is slowly being adapted here but no one go house to house to get candy. Just costume wearing and little party. The German Halloween is call Fasching. It is a period marked with great joy and occasion. Fasching as a term derived from the word Fastnacht, meaning “eve of the beginning of the fast.” Linguists speculate that “Fasching” also developed out of the Middle High German “vaschanc” or “vastschang” (Fastschank), which means the last drink served before the Lenten fast. Typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations.

Thanksgiving is an American holdiay. It started when the pilgrims wanted to thank the Indians for all their help. However, Christian Germans too celebrate a day of Thanksgiving to God for a plentiful harvest. On the first Sunday of October visitors to German churches will find a plethora of fruits, vegetables, sheaves of grain, and also baked goods, as decorations around the altars. Visitors to market places and fairgrounds will oftentimes find Erntedankfest (literally: harvest gratitude festival) dances, displays, booths, a special Erntefeuer (harvest fire), and other festivities to celebrate this occasion. Thanksgiving is just a Christian event usually on a Sunday but not a dedicated party or celebration event. Sometimes peoples have some special decoration for church service and/or kids having a special performance. No turkeys around. I can't wait....!

For Christmas they go out all the way. Christmas is so much fun here. The celebration begins 11-24 to 12-23. Almost one month of celebrating Christmas! They have a Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt also know as Christkindlmarkt). It pull in tons of residents and visitors from different cities and all over the world. All of Germany have this market in pretty much each cities. The bigger the cities ofcourse the bigger the markets and festival. Here in Esslingen they have two: Traditional Christmas market and the Medieval Christmas market. They sells crafts, have games, drink Gluhwein (hot wine that taste so yummy and keep you warm on a nice cold night walking through the market). Plenty of eating and performance on stage. Does not cost a thing to get in or watch. It is totally free. Just have to pay for drink, beverage, and crafts. I will talk more about that when time comes. Want to also share with you that they have Christmas market in different part of America that is also nice. Not as big as here but atleast you can get a taste of feel of a typical German Christmas market, taste some Gluhwein and traditional German food! The vendors from what I learn when I attended a few in the USA that they are really Germans who travel to America once a year to share their customs and I think also in Canada. I think this is so cool. Let me give you the link encase you would like to see if it happen in the downtown of your city: http://www.germanfoods.org/consumer/events/christmasmarkets.cfm
This link is for people who live in Canada. I notice the market there is only for a few days! http://www.christkindl.ca/

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This is a post I wrote in my notebook when I did not have internet connection a month ago:

I cannot stand when a person takes advantage of another person; especially when that person is helping them to get on their feet. Some people say one thing and do something else and I guess forget what they said earlier. For example: a person said to me that they never had a credit card in their life because they believe if they do not have it then they should not get it or buy the items. I totally agree with this when she, Haras, stated this. But then later when we went to a discount store she continue complaining that she does not have her wallet and how she left it at my mother house. I told her she should always take along some money with here where ever she goes because she never knows when she will be in need to buy something or even to get home. Anything can happen. She replied, “Yes, I know. I normally take my wallet with me but it is so heavy in my pocket that I left it at the house.” So I told her, “Well you now know where this store is located when you’re in the mood come back.” Later I found out that she is conning my mother to buy the products for her. I was frustrated…why is she asked my mother to buy these products when she can buy it herself. She recently got paid and can come back later anytime! So my mother asked me to pay since she did not carry enough on her. I wanted to yelled and tell my mother, “No, I am not responsible for Haras, I am only responsible for you”! But this is my mother so I did what she asks me but I was so furious. My mother even mention…”are you mad”. I told her of course, you know how I feel about helping out people who are supposed to help themselves. What I just purchase for Haras is a want it is not a need. For a person who used to be homeless they rather spend money on wants? I want back my money as soon as I reach back to the house! When we all arrived in the house I waited patiencely cussing in my head…and Haras gave me back my money and said thank you. I of course said you’re welcome. I think the whole ordeal that pissed me off is what my mother accepted. Since I been little people always took advantage of her and took her kindness, but later trample all over her. I was hoping she learned by now. First strike with me with Haras was when she gave my mother $75 and this is supposed to be a monthly pay since Haras said she only get paid $630 once a month. Are you f-ing kidding me! Second strike was the store incident. Granted she does many things that annoy me that I notice so far about her…these two strikes was my biggest. I am trying to convince my mother of kicking her out since Haras is trying to get comfortable. But she said she see what she will give next month. Hell I would stay with someone too if I am only paying $75 a month and they are sharing their dinner with me, and everything cheaper than a hotel! What a loser!!!!

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